The Sermons of John Wesley

A Collection for the Christian Journey

The Sermons of John Wesley
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Sixty Wesley sermons organized in a way that leads to Christian discipleship and formation.A new and engaging collection of sermons that embraces the historic 44 sermons that John Wesley approved, plus the 8 more of the North American collection (52 sermons) and to this is added 8 sermons, carefully chosen, to fill things out for contemporary interests resulting in a grand total of sixty sermons. Each sermon (which employs the text from the Bicentennial edition of Wesley’s works) is preceded by a brief introduction and an outline. The sermons are arranged in accordance with the order of salvation displayed in the key sermon, “The Scripture Way of Salvation,” from creation to the fall through justification and every step along the way culminating in the new creation. The purpose of this collection is to foster vital Christian formation for all of its readers.


Never before have Wesley’s sermons been ordered in the proper way for doctrinal study. Kenneth Collins and Jason Vickers have provided a great service to serious students of John Wesley by presenting the sermons in their logical sequence according to the order of salvation. I found very illuminating the analysis of why the standard sermons are enumerated differently in various editions. Among Wesley scholars, Kenneth Collins is one of the best.
--Thomas C. Oden, author of Classic Christianity: A Systematic Theology

Collins and Vickers have provided a collection of John Wesley’s sermons that is a gift to both the church and the academy. The organization according to the Wesleyan way of salvation appropriately emphasizes Christian formation and the potential for the sermons to function as a means of grace. The decisions about which ones to include (especially including all of the standard 44 sermons) provides important continuity with Wesley’s own decisions about which of his sermons were the most essential for the “people called Methodists."
--Kevin M. Watson, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology and Wesleyan Studies, Seattle Pacific University

John Wesley preached life into a languishing church in his own time. This judicious selection from his many sermons provides an opportunity for the serious reader to engage biblical wisdom. Wesley was a meticulous logician, a Christian apologist whose artistry the editors display in the outlines prepared for each item in the collection. If you are seeking ways to live your theology in a practical way today, you will find ample guidance here. The editors are to be commended for helping bring these sermons back to life.
--Paul W. Chilcote, Academic Dean, Professor of Historical Theology and Wesleyan Studies, Ashland Seminary, Ashland, Ohio