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A Community Called Atonement

By Scot McKnight Published ISBN: 9780687645541

Over the centuries the church developed a number of metaphors, such as penal substitution or the ransom theory, to speak about Christ's death on the cross and the theological… read more


Atonement and Violence

By Hans Boersma, T. Scott Daniels Published ISBN: 9780687342945

Recent years have witnessed a series of books, articles, and lectures raising serious questions about the Christian doctrine of the Atonement. While coming from a variety of… read more


Attentive to God

By Charles M. Wood, Ellen Blue Published ISBN: 9780687651627

How the pastor reads a situation theologically will define the possibilities for ministry now and for the church's future. How the pastor reads a situation theologically will… read more



By George W. Stroup Published ISBN: 9780687659135

Explores how Calvin's theology ministers to those who wrestle with the meaning of faith Abingdon Pillars of Theology is a series for the college and seminary classroom designed … read more


Do Jews, Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

By Jacob Neusner Published ISBN: 9781426752377

What lies ahead for the troubled family of Abraham? Most Jews, Muslims, and Christians are devoted and faithful. Still, on any given day, its difficult to avoid the vigorous and… read more


From Hurt to Healing

By Andrew S Park Published ISBN: 9780687038817

Look around at any gathering--whether it be a sporting event, a civic meeting, or a worship service--and you will likely see representatives of two groups of people. On one hand… read more


Globalization and Theology

By Joerg Rieger Published ISBN: 9781426700651

Theology can trumpet fresh views of globalization Globalization is a catchword of our time, referring to the interdependence that affects us all. But we often meet globalization… read more


H. Richard Niebuhr

By Donald W. Shriver, Jr. Published ISBN: 9780687657315

Summarizes Niebuhr's faith journey as seen through the lens of his major works Abingdon Pillars of Theology is a series for the college and seminary classroom designed to help… read more


Jews & Christians

By Randall M Falk, Walter Harrelson Published ISBN: 9780687203321

This eye-opening dialogue between a rabbi and a Christian scholar challenges Jews and Christians to examine their misconceptions and prejudices about each other's faith. Here, … read more