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Brain-Savvy Leaders

By Charles Stone, Charles Stone Published ISBN: 9781426798337

Be the smartest and most competent leader in the room. Leadership demands constant reframing and reappraisal of the situation at hand. It requires focus, objectivity, honest… read more


Can You Believe in God and Evolution?

By Martinez Hewlett, Ted Peters Published ISBN: 9780687649297

Named a 2007 Book of Distinction by the Sir John Templeton Foundation. The special edition of this award winning book celebrates the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin. Since… read more


Evolution from Creation to New Creation

By Martinez Hewlett, Ted Peters Published ISBN: 9780687023745

With theological and scientific expertise, Peters and Hewlett provide a careful and balanced analysis of the wide spectrum of debate between religious faith and biological… read more


FaithQuestions - What About Religion and Science? - eBook [ePub]

By Paul E. Stroble Published ISBN: 9781426719660

This book invites us to consider ways to remain confident in our faith as we understand and appreciate the discoveries and advances of science. How can Christians integrate… read more


Nature's Witness - eBook [ePub]

By Daniel M. Harrell Published ISBN: 9781426726750

People of faith insist that God is the God of the world around us. Yet scientific evidence supporting evolution seems to offer an explanation of reality different from the… read more


Science, Scripture, and Same-Sex Love

By Michael B. Regele Published ISBN: 9781426798290

What science and the Bible say about same-sex love. Some church leaders assert that same-sex practices are incompatible with Christian teaching. The issues threaten to divide our… read more


What About the Soul?

Published ISBN: 9780687023455

Everyone knows about the rocky relationship between science and theology brought about by the revolutionary proposals of Copernicus and Darwin. Fewer people know about an equally… read more