Psychology of Religion

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Faithful Change

By James W. Fowler Published ISBN: 9780687097203

The author identifies three different types of change and shows how faith must both sustain us in the midst of personal and social change and undergo the process of change itself. … read more


The Judas Syndrome

By Dr. George K. Simon, Jr. Published ISBN: 9781426751097

Judas betrayed with a kiss. Who has hurt you, and what can you do about it? Even people we think are our friends will deny and betray us. Are they bad people, or just don’t do… read more


The Unshuttered Heart

By Ann Belford Ulanov Published ISBN: 9780687494668

Aliveness and Deadness are processes that cannot be captured, only symbolized within the precincts of psychology and religion. Opening under the shadow of 9/11, our new century… read more