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Just in Time! Pastoral Prayers in Public Places

By F. Belton Joyner Jr. Published ISBN: 9780687495672

Brief, affordable, practical resources to help all who plan and lead in worship. The Just In Time! series offers brief, practical resources of immediate help for pastors at an… read more


Just in Time! Prayers and Liturgies of Confession and Assurance

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr. Published ISBN: 9780687654895

Provides dozens of ready-to-use prayers and liturgies of confession and pardon. In a brief introductory chapter, the author addresses the question of why we need to confess our… read more


Prayers for a Privileged People

By Walter Brueggemann Published ISBN: 9780687650194

In Prayers for a Privileged People, this much-published author sculpts—as carefully as if with chisel—prayers on behalf of those who are people of privilege and… read more


Right Here Right Now

By Amy G. Oden Published ISBN: 9781501832499

Growing interest in Christian mindfulness practice is rooted in the rediscovery of ancient Christian practices. Christians have always practiced mindfulness. Yet, from the popular… read more