Easter & Lent

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Just in Time! Lenten Services

By Lucy Lind Hogan Published ISBN: 9780687655168

Ready-to-use, lectionary-based worship and preaching resources for Ash Wednesday and Lent. Based on the Revised Common Lectionary and broadly ecumenical, this addition to the Just… read more


Just in Time! Palm Sunday and Holy Week Services

By Robin Knowles Wallace Published ISBN: 9780687497782

Features ready-to-use lectionary-based worship and preaching resources for Palm Sunday and Holy Week. Part of the "Just in Time" series, this book features ready-to-use… read more


Sharing the Easter Faith with Children

By Carolyn C. Brown Published ISBN: 9780687344246

Carolyn Brown has done it again! As with all of her books, Brown writes clearly and helpfully, with conviction and passion for what to share and how to share one's faith with… read more