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A Little Heaven Below

By Lester Ruth Published ISBN: 9780687090242

For early American Methodists, quarterly meetings were great festivals at the heart of Methodism’s liturgical life. The meetings lasted several days and could attract thousands. … read more


A Living Tradition - eBook [ePub]

Published ISBN: 9781426766497

What our Wesleyan legacy means for today’s living. This book engages in a critical recovery and reconstruction of the Wesleyan theological legacy in relation to current… read more


A New Church and A New Seminary

By David McAllister-Wilson Published ISBN: 9781501858895

The future of the church and the future of the seminary are inextricably linked. Many churches are mule churchesstrong for a generation but unable to reproduce themselves. As a… read more


A Real Christian

By Kenneth J. Collins Published ISBN: 9780687082469

A Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley fills a void in available books in Wesleyan studies by providing a brief, solid biography that focuses on Wesley himself. While exploring … read more


A Way of Life in the World

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr. Published ISBN: 9780687022465

"What does it mean to be a United Methodist?" The answer to this question, says Kenneth H. Carter, Jr., is to live a particular way of life and follow a particular form… read more


A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader

By Rueben P. Job Published ISBN: 9780687057016

A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader provides resources for a 26-week devotional experience. The volume includes Scripture, spiritual readings (primarily quotes from the writings of John… read more


Aldersgate Reconsidered

Published ISBN: 9780687009848

A collection of essays by leading Wesleyan/Methodist scholars Richard Heitzenrater, Roberta Bondi, David Lowes Watson, Theodore Runyon, Jean Miller Schmidt, W. Stephen Gunter, and … read more


American Methodism

By Jean Miller Schmidt, Kenneth E. Rowe, Russell E. Richey Published ISBN: 9781630885809

An essential guide to American Methodism. In this engaging and artful overview, Russell Richey, Kenneth Rowe, and Jean Miller Schmidt, some of Methodism’s most respected… read more


An Exact Likeness

By Richard P. Heitzenrater Published ISBN: 9781501816604

A unique pictorial art history book that describes John Wesley’s legacy through the many portraits and sculptures that attempt his exact likeness, in life and in death. Faces are … read more