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A Little Heaven Below

By Lester Ruth Published ISBN: 9780687090242

For early American Methodists, quarterly meetings were great festivals at the heart of Methodism’s liturgical life. The meetings lasted several days and could attract thousands. … read more


A Living Tradition - eBook [ePub]

Published ISBN: 9781426766497

What our Wesleyan legacy means for today’s living. This book engages in a critical recovery and reconstruction of the Wesleyan theological legacy in relation to current… read more


A New Church and A New Seminary

By David McAllister-Wilson Published ISBN: 9781501858895

The future of the church and the future of the seminary are inextricably linked. Many churches are mule churchesstrong for a generation but unable to reproduce themselves. As a… read more


A New History of Christianity

By Hans J. Hillerbrand Published ISBN: 9780687027965

Dig into the story of Christianity from its origins to today. Told in easy-to-understand language with helpful timelines and selections from historical writings, this engaging new… read more


A Real Christian

By Kenneth J. Collins Published ISBN: 9780687082469

A Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley fills a void in available books in Wesleyan studies by providing a brief, solid biography that focuses on Wesley himself. While exploring … read more


A Sense of the Heart

By Bill J. Leonard Published ISBN: 9781630885854

The character of America is tied to the nature of our religious experience. Whether like Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus or Wesley’s “strangely warmed heart,” the … read more


A Way of Life in the World

By Kenneth H. Carter, Jr. Published ISBN: 9780687022465

"What does it mean to be a United Methodist?" The answer to this question, says Kenneth H. Carter, Jr., is to live a particular way of life and follow a particular form… read more


A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader

By Rueben P. Job Published ISBN: 9780687057016

A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader provides resources for a 26-week devotional experience. The volume includes Scripture, spiritual readings (primarily quotes from the writings of John… read more


Aldersgate Reconsidered

Published ISBN: 9780687009848

A collection of essays by leading Wesleyan/Methodist scholars Richard Heitzenrater, Roberta Bondi, David Lowes Watson, Theodore Runyon, Jean Miller Schmidt, W. Stephen Gunter, and … read more