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A Christian Justice for the Common Good

By Tex Sample Published ISBN: 9781501814266

Christians bring a unique, scriptural understanding of social justice to bear on the ills of society. Do Christians bring a unique, scriptural understanding of social justice to… read more


An Introduction to Christian Ethics

By Robin W. Lovin Published ISBN: 9780687467365

Introduces Christian ethics to a new generation of students A few years ago, the first distinction that ethicists drew was the line between Christian ethics and philosophical… read more


Authentic Transformation

By Glen H. Stassen Published ISBN: 9780687022731

The study of Christian ethics in North America has been profoundly influenced during this century by the work of H. Richard Niebuhr. That influence is felt nowhere as keenly as in … read more


Christian Ethics

By Robin W. Lovin Published ISBN: 9780687054626

In this excellent outline of Christian ethics, Robin W. Lovin achieves a balance between the questions and issues which form the core of the study of ethics and the life… read more


Christian Social Ethics in a Global Era

By Dennis P. McCann, M. Douglas Meeks, Max L. Stackhouse, Peter L. Berger Published ISBN: 9780687003358

Four highly respected thinkers discuss the need for a renewal of Christian ethical reflection in a dramatically and radically different world and offer their own unique points of… read more


Introducción a la ética cristiana AETH

By Ismael Garcia Published ISBN: 9780687073870

El estudio de la ética no solamente nos lleva a entender mejor las complejas situaciones que hoy día enfrentamos, también nos ayuda a discernir lo que subyace tras nuestras… read more


Jesus on Death Row - eBook [ePub]

By Mark Osler Published ISBN: 9781426722899

What does the most infamous criminal proceeding in history--the trial of Jesus of Nazareth--have to tell us about capital punishment in the United States? What does the most… read more


Jesus Weeps

By Hal J. Recinos Published ISBN: 9780687031856

How can the church respond to the divisions within society that leave many persons marginalized? This book refocuses our notions of what mission is and suggests how local churches … read more


John Wesley's Social Ethics

By Manfred Marquardt Published ISBN: 9780687204946

This volume, first published in German in 1976, still stands as the most definitive, comprehensive treatment of John Wesley's social ethics. John Wesley's Social Ethics… read more