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Jesus Is My Uncle

By Luis G. Pedraja Published ISBN: 9780687059966

In Jesus Is My Uncle, Luis Pedraja examines Christology and the doctrine of God from a Hispanic perspective, emphasizing the role played by language and experience. This volume… read more


Jesus vs. Caesar

By Joerg Rieger Published ISBN: 9781501842672

The tension between true religion and false religion lies within Christianity itself. When we observe a tension between Jesus and Caesar, we acknowledge that a fundamental tension… read more


The Crucified Guru

By M. Thomas Thangaraj, Thangaraj,M Thomas Published ISBN: 9780687100088

Constructs a Christology using the guru as a paradigm for understanding the person and work of… read more


The Many Faces of Christology

By Tyron L. Inbody Published ISBN: 9780687030033

The Many Faces of Christology surveys the landscape of traditional and contemporary thought about Jesus. Inbody first grounds his survey in a concise discussion of research into… read more