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A Brief History of Christian Worship

By James F. White Published ISBN: 9780687034147

Most histories of Christian worship are written as if nothing significant in liturgical history ever happened in North America, as if cultural diversities were insignificant in… read more


A Community of Joy

By Timothy K. Wright Published ISBN: 9780687091171

A Community of Joy suggests practical, innovative, and nontraditional forms of worship, enabling churches to minister more effectively. * Addresses the felt need for worship… read more


African American Christian Worship

By Melva W. Costen Published ISBN: 9780687646227

A lively history and theology of the African American worship experience. In this update to her 1993 classic, African American Christian Worship, Melva Wilson Costen, again… read more



By Justo L. González Published ISBN: 9780687010325

By looking at the wide variety of Hispanic Christian worship that exists within the Hispanic community, Alabadle! highlights the cultural, generational, and denominational… read more


Altar Call

By Donna Schaper Published ISBN: 9780687091423

This volume examines commitment in the context of the individual and institutional response to God’s call to be God’s people. “The call from God is a call to the altar, to… read more


Altars for Everyone

By Nancy C. Townley, Stephanie Davis Published ISBN: 9781426765957

Any church, regardless of its size, can have beautiful, meaningful altar and worship art. The altar sits at the heart of the worship space, reminding everyone that here is where we … read more



By Laurence Hull Stookey Published ISBN: 9780687023646

Few issues within the church are as controversial as baptism. By which method should it be administered? At what age? What if one changes denominations? Laurence H. Stookey sifts… read more



By Laurence Hull Stookey Published ISBN: 9780687011360

A probing but clearly written book, Calendar will find an appreciative audience beyond academia and clergy to the laity of the church: choirs and their directors, worship… read more


Christian Funerals

By Andy Langford Published ISBN: 9781426711381

Brief, meaningful services of death and resurrection in a convenient format Unlike weddings, funerals rarely take place after extensive planning. Often the deceased is not someone… read more