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Beyond the Screen

By Andrew Zirschky Published ISBN: 9781501810077

How to minister to a generation in the world of social media. It's no secret that teenagers are perpetually connected via social media and mobile devices, but while we've… read more


Keep It Real

Published ISBN: 9780687497027

Offers the "village of hope" as a framework where pastors and leaders offer the church as a place of support, guidance, and accountability for youth, parents, and other… read more



By Kenda Creasy Dean Published ISBN: 9781426700088

Today's youth ministry is tomorrow's mainstream theology "Most contemporary young people operate far enough from Moses moral compass that it never occurs to them that … read more


Youth Ministry

By David Olshine Published ISBN: 9781426757730

Reaching young people is still possible. The Youth Ministry “movement” has become a monument. Youth leaders are doing so much work, and it all seems worthy. It’s big… read more


Youth Pastor

By Houston Heflin Published ISBN: 9780687650545

Provides youth workers with a biblical perspective of the roles they fill A youth pastor—whether paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, right out of college or right out of… read more