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10 Temptations of Church

By John Flowers, Karen Vannoy Published ISBN: 9781426745393

The temptations that may destroy your church—and how to prevent them. Church after church faces eventual death while helplessly lamenting its fate. What perversity is at work… read more


95 Questions to Shape the Future of Your Church - ePub Edition

By Thomas G. Bandy Published ISBN: 9781426721854

A comprehensive account of congregational life and leadership for those preparing for ministry 95 Questions to Shape the Future of Your Church is a comprehensive commentary on… read more


A Pastor's Practical Guide to Funerals

By Lee Franklin Published ISBN: 9781426758195

Practical guide to help care and offer healing before, during, and after the funeral. This straight-forward book integrates the pragmatic how to of the funeral… read more


An Introduction to Pastoral Care

By Charles V. Gerkin Published ISBN: 9780687016747

"With generative wisdom, Gerkin moves beyond the predominance of the psychotherapeutic paradigm in pastoral care to a dynamic, interactive process which balances faith… read more


Attract Families to Your Church and Keep Them Coming Back

By Linda Ranson Jacobs Published ISBN: 9781426774300

Make your church more family friendly. Be the kind of church that families want to attend, where the church’s dynamic faith invites families who will then bring their friends… read more


Balm For Gilead

By Toinette M. Eugene Published ISBN: 9780687023479

Balm for Gilead expands our understanding of the role of the Black Church as an agent of care and reconciliation for African American families experiencing the results of child… read more


Basic Types of Pastoral Care & Counseling

By Howard Clinebell Published ISBN: 9780687663804

Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counseling remains the standard in pastoral care and counseling. This third edition is enlarged and revised with updated resources, methods… read more


Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

By Darlene Wetterstrom, David A. Thompson Published ISBN: 9780687465750

Explores the challenges of military life, the impact of combat on returning veterans, and issues that stress military families Help bring combat veterans all the way back home… read more


Care of Persons, Care of Worlds

By Larry Kent Graham Published ISBN: 9780687046751

A comprehensive social and systemic foundation for pastoral and caretaking that will be an invaluable guide for the activities of parish ministers and counseling practitioners… read more