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A Conspiracy of Goodness

By Donald E. Messer Published ISBN: 9780687094844

"A beguiling image for the mission of the Church in our time. It combines the Samaritan parable's deceptive simplicity with a realism about what the Church is up against… read more


A House Divided

By Bob Whitesel Published ISBN: 9780687091041

Generational differences are nothing new in church. There have always been groups and subgroups within a congregation, divided according to age. Yet with the possible exception of … read more


A New Church and A New Seminary

By David McAllister-Wilson Published ISBN: 9781501858895

The future of the church and the future of the seminary are inextricably linked. Many churches are mule churchesstrong for a generation but unable to reproduce themselves. As a… read more


After Christendom

By Stanley Hauerwas Published ISBN: 9780687009299

Liberal/conservative and modern/postmodern concepts define contemporary theological debate. Yet what if these categories are grounded in a set of assumptions about what it means… read more


Ambition in Ministry

By Robert Schnase Published ISBN: 9780687301447

The drive to excel. The need to achieve. The desire to compete. These are concerns that face every pastor, but rarely are these issues discussed openly. Pastors, like other… read more


Calling & Character

By William H. Willimon Published ISBN: 9780687090334

In Calling & Character, Willimon lays out a clear and compelling picture of the pastoral life, one that will inform both those embarking on ordained ministry and those who… read more


Church Leadership

By Lovett H. Weems, Jr. Published ISBN: 9781426703027

The definitive guide to leading the congregation, updated to meet the needs of today’s church leaders. Much has changed since the first edition of Lovett Weems’s seminal work… read more


Contemporary Images of Christian Ministry

By Donald E. Messer Published ISBN: 9780687095056

Traditionally, the roles of Christian ministry have been thought of as priest, pastor, and prophet. Donald E. Messer adds five contemporary images: Wounded Healer, Servant… read more


Discover Your Windows

By Kent R. Hunter Published ISBN: 9780687021543

Unmasks the hidden "worldviews" that stand in the way of congregational vitality and mission. They are problems with which every pastor is familiar: dwindling… read more