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By Bucky Dann Published ISBN: 9780687045044

Chances are, no church is immune to the drug demographics in America. Pointing out that addiction is a pervasive problem in North American society, Lynn Dann provides pastors and… read more


African American Pastoral Care

By Edward P. Wimberly Published ISBN: 9780687649495

Respond to God’s unfolding drama to bring healing and reconciliation. In this major revision of his classic book, Dr. Edward Wimberly updates his narrative methodology by… read more


Basic Types of Pastoral Care & Counseling

By Howard Clinebell Published ISBN: 9780687663804

Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counseling remains the standard in pastoral care and counseling. This third edition is enlarged and revised with updated resources, methods… read more


Christian Counseling

By David W. Augsburger, H. Newton Malony Published ISBN: 9780687332830

This book introduces the foundations of a distinctively Christian approach to counseling. Christians who counsel, counselors who are Christian--what is the difference? What makes … read more


Counseling Families Across the Stages of Life

By Andrew J. Weaver, Harold G. Koenig, Linda A. Revilla, Revilla, Linda A Published ISBN: 9780687084159

Like the two previous projects Weaver has brought to Abingdon Press, this is a case-study book which will be used both as a resource for clergy and other pastoral workers and for… read more


Counseling Survivors of Traumatic Events

By Andrew J. Weaver, John D. Preston Published ISBN: 9780687052431

What do you do when the call comes from a distraught parishioner who needs help in dealing with a murder, rape, traffic accident, miscarriage, or the effects of a natural disaster … read more


Counseling Troubled Teens & Their Families

By Andrew J. Weaver Published ISBN: 9780687082360

Teenagers and their families live in a society with epidemic levels of social problems that put adolescents at risk for emotional problems. Teens have special mental and… read more


Crisis Counseling in the Congregation

By Dr. Larry E. Webb Published ISBN: 9781426726989

Every pastor knows that each community of faith consists of individuals who may be in crisis at any given moment, for a multitude of reasons. However, it’s essential that church … read more


Introducción al asesoramiento pastoral de la familia AETH

By Jorge E. Maldonado Published ISBN: 9780687037261

La pérdida de valores morales que llevan a considerar todo desde una perspectiva groseramente relativista; la situación social y económica tan crítica que lleva a tratar de… read more