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Beyond the Screen

By Andrew Zirschky Published ISBN: 9781501810077

How to minister to a generation in the world of social media. It's no secret that teenagers are perpetually connected via social media and mobile devices, but while we've… read more


Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

By Darlene Wetterstrom, David A. Thompson Published ISBN: 9780687465750

Explores the challenges of military life, the impact of combat on returning veterans, and issues that stress military families Help bring combat veterans all the way back home… read more


Biblical Perspectives on Evangelism

By Walter Brueggemann Published ISBN: 9780687412334

In this timely and provocative work, Walter Brueggemann applies his experience and skills in the area of biblical interpretation to the theme of evangelism. He argues for the… read more


Black Preaching

By Henry H. Mitchell Published ISBN: 9780687036141

Henry H. Mitchell has completely revised and integrated his popular books The Recovery of Preaching and Black Preaching for seminarians and pastors--both Black and White--who are… read more


Black United Methodists Preach!

Published ISBN: 9781426748332

Explores the dynamic tradition of Black preaching within The United Methodist Church What accounts for the spiritual power and vitality of Black preaching? What are the distinctive … read more


Calling & Character

By William H. Willimon Published ISBN: 9780687090334

In Calling & Character, Willimon lays out a clear and compelling picture of the pastoral life, one that will inform both those embarking on ordained ministry and those who… read more


Can We Talk?

By Robert G. Tuttle, Jr. Published ISBN: 9780687084166

Those who serve on mission fields in areas where Christian faith is not the dominant religion quickly come to understand a central truth: when one is sharing the gospel, one must… read more


CapellanĂ­a institucional - Ministerio series AETH

By Association for Hispanic Theological Education Published ISBN: 9781426709647

Written in Spanish, this manual gives pastors and lay leaders an overview of the ministry of the… read more


Care of Persons, Care of Worlds

By Larry Kent Graham Published ISBN: 9780687046751

A comprehensive social and systemic foundation for pastoral and caretaking that will be an invaluable guide for the activities of parish ministers and counseling practitioners… read more