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Who Lynched Willie Earle?

By William H. Willimon Published ISBN: 9781501832512

Effective 21st century preaching demands a more perceptive understanding of both race and Christian faith. Pastors and leaders long to speak an effective biblical word into the… read more


Who Will Go for Us?

By Dennis M. Campbell Published ISBN: 9780687467754

Have you ever felt a tug deep inside to serve other human beings with work that matters? Written for all Christians of any affiliation, this primer challenges readers to think… read more


Why God Why?

By Justin W. Tull Published ISBN: 9780687007028

This collection of sermons explores the age-old question of why a loving God allows suffering to visit His children. Tull encourages readers to ask why in good times as well as in … read more


Winning On Purpose

By Bill Easum, John E. Kaiser, Thomas G. Bandy Published ISBN: 9780687495023

Do you really want the mission to succeed? Are you prepared to live within clear boundaries? Are you ready to align yourself with a greater purpose? Do you have what it… read more


With God in the Crucible

By Peter Storey Published ISBN: 9780687052530

Often the church is accused of being so embedded in the culture that effective prophecy leveled at the culture is impossible. But this book illustrates that there was a time and a … read more


Wrestling with the Patriarchs

By Lee McGee Published ISBN: 9780687006212

This book was designed to help women religious professionals provide essential ministries for congregations. Written for preaching women, this book builds confidence for women… read more


You Can Preach to the Kids Too!

By Carolyn C. Brown Published ISBN: 9780687061570

Many preachers are aware of the presence of children in Sunday morning worship and wish to include them effectively in worship, but have a hard time figuring out how to do so… read more


Youth Ministry

By David Olshine Published ISBN: 9781426757730

Reaching young people is still possible. The Youth Ministry “movement” has become a monument. Youth leaders are doing so much work, and it all seems worthy. It’s big… read more


Youth Pastor

By Houston Heflin Published ISBN: 9780687650545

Provides youth workers with a biblical perspective of the roles they fill A youth pastor—whether paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time, right out of college or right out of… read more