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10 Temptations of Church

By John Flowers, Karen Vannoy Published ISBN: 9781426745393

The temptations that may destroy your church—and how to prevent them. Church after church faces eventual death while helplessly lamenting its fate. What perversity is at work… read more


500 Illustrations

By Curtis Jones, Paul H. Jones Published ISBN: 9780687015450

They are the lifeblood of preaching, the sparks that allow the sermon to catch fire in the imaginations of the congregation. Without them the best exegesis of the text, the most… read more


95 Questions to Shape the Future of Your Church - ePub Edition

By Thomas G. Bandy Published ISBN: 9781426721854

A comprehensive account of congregational life and leadership for those preparing for ministry 95 Questions to Shape the Future of Your Church is a comprehensive commentary on… read more


A Concise History Of Preaching

By Paul Scott Wilson Published ISBN: 9780687093427

From the apostle Paul, Origen, and Chrysostom through Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and Wesley to Harry Emerson Fosdick, James S. Stewart, and Martin Luther King, Jr., this volume… read more


A Conspiracy of Goodness

By Donald E. Messer Published ISBN: 9780687094844

"A beguiling image for the mission of the Church in our time. It combines the Samaritan parable's deceptive simplicity with a realism about what the Church is up against… read more


A Healing Homiletic

By Kathy Black Published ISBN: 9780687002917

In A Healing Homiletic: Preaching and Disability, Kathy Black offers a unique and effective approach for preaching about disabilities. By going to the heart of the gospel and… read more


A House Divided

By Bob Whitesel Published ISBN: 9780687091041

Generational differences are nothing new in church. There have always been groups and subgroups within a congregation, divided according to age. Yet with the possible exception of … read more


A New Church and A New Seminary

By David McAllister-Wilson Published ISBN: 9781501858895

The future of the church and the future of the seminary are inextricably linked. Many churches are mule churchesstrong for a generation but unable to reproduce themselves. As a… read more


A New Hearing

By Richard L. Eslinger Published ISBN: 9780687276936

Preaching is in crisis. Why? Because the traditional, conceptual approach no longer works, says Richard L. Eslinger. It fails to capture the interest of listeners and is not… read more