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Beyond the Collection Plate

Published ISBN: 9780687023158

This is a comprehensive guide to building healthy congregational attitudes and practices toward managing and spending financial resources. Much has been written about how… read more



By Kristine Miller, Scott McKenzie Published ISBN: 9781426765971

Ten things you can do today to increase giving at your church. Church leaders struggle with issues related to financial giving every year, in every economic climate. Most do not… read more


CLIMB Higher - eBook [ePub]

By Kristine Miller, Scott McKenzie Published ISBN: 9781426731167

CLIMB challenges the negative connotations associated with stewardship and invites congregations to completely change the conversation around this critically important topic… read more


Funding Ministry with Five Loaves and Two Fishes

By Rosario Picardo Published ISBN: 9781501818929

This book is for any pastor, church planter or lay leader struggling to do ministry with a lack of financial resources but hungry to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus… read more


Generosity Rising

By Scott McKenzie Published ISBN: 9781630883171

Guides pastors to select, develop and train the best leaders for stewardship in the church so that the congregation grows in generosity. With all of the books written on… read more


Just in Time! Stewardship Services

By David N. Mosser Published ISBN: 9780687335169

Ready-to-use worship and preaching resources for themes related to Stewardship. Understanding the concept of stewardship in a broader context as management of our God-given gifts… read more


Not Your Parents' Offering Plate

By J. Clif Christopher Published ISBN: 9781501804922

A completely revised edition of Christophers classic, updated with new material. People dont give to church because we dont offer them a compelling vision of the good their… read more


Practicing Extravagant Generosity - eBook [ePub]

By Robert Schnase Published ISBN: 9781426746055

An indispensable part of the Extravagant Generosity stewardship program, this volume, by Bishop Schnase, opens the Scriptures to show the joy and grace of giving. Designed to… read more



By Clayton L. Smith Published ISBN: 9781630883683

Creating a culture of generosity beyond tithing. Pastors and other church leaders often feel ill-equipped in the critical area of stewardship and giving. Propel: Good Stewardship… read more