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Embracing God

By Dwight H. Judy, Judy, Dwight H. Published ISBN: 9780687010004

Teresa of Avila, the sixteenth-century Spanish mystic, teaches you how to explore the interior castle that is your spiritual home. Room by room while praying, Teresa helps you… read more


Finding Jesus in His Prayers - eBook [ePub]

By H. Stephen Shoemaker Published ISBN: 9781426733802

In this brief but substantive examination of the prayers Jesus prayed, Stephen Shoemaker offers helpful applications of Jesus’ prayers as both a way to better understand Jesus… read more


Prayer and the Common Life

By Georgia Harkness Published ISBN: 9780687054510

In Prayer and the Common Life, pioneering theologian Georgia Harkness argues that in response to the troubles of the world around us—one that is consumed with materialism… read more


Prayers for a Privileged People

By Walter Brueggemann Published ISBN: 9780687650194

In Prayers for a Privileged People, this much-published author sculpts—as carefully as if with chisel—prayers on behalf of those who are people of privilege and… read more


Right Here Right Now

By Amy G. Oden Published ISBN: 9781501832499

Growing interest in Christian mindfulness practice is rooted in the rediscovery of ancient Christian practices. Christians have always practiced mindfulness. Yet, from the popular… read more


Teaching P.R.A.Y.E.R. (Prayer)

By Brant D. Baker Published ISBN: 9780687048649

This practical guidebook offers eight lessons to help pastors and other church leaders teach adults how to communicate with God through various types of prayer. Each chapter opens … read more


The Beautiful Work of Learning to Pray

By James C. Howell Published ISBN: 9780687027668

Prayer is not easy, yet learning to pray can be learned. The Beautiful Work of Learning to Pray is a brief but probing guide into the life of prayer. James Howell examines the… read more