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Comunión y comunidad: Introducción a la espiritualidad Cristiana AETH

By Abingdon, Giacomo Cassese Published ISBN: 9780687740710

“La vida en comunidad es lo más esencial de la espiritualidad cristiana, y es la esencia misma del reino de Dios... La espiritualidad cristiana consiste en un nuevo modo de… read more


Confronting the Controversies - Participant's Book

By Adam Hamilton Published ISBN: 9780687346004

Confronting the Controversies is a 7-session group study of tough issues based on Adam Hamiltons sermons on these topics. The seven sessions are: The Separation of Church… read more


Conversations with St. Francis

By James C. Howell Published ISBN: 9780687650491

If you were able to talk to St. Francis of Assisi, what would you ask him? “Perhaps,” says James Howell,” the first question I’d want to ask Francis would be something… read more



By Christine A. Chakoian Published ISBN: 9781426790607

The only way to move forward successfully is by learning from the past. How can we Christians move forward, when our very existence seems imperiled? We already know the way, for… read more


Earn All You Can

By Donald R. House Published ISBN: 9781501808401

A fresh take on the positive role of economic growth from a Christian perspective. Is the gap between rich and poor really the fault of the financially successful? Much of the… read more


Earthy Mysticism

By Tex Sample Published ISBN: 9780687649891

This book, says the author, is “a testimony of narratives where [a] strange God appears. Such appearances supply the mystical states that have come to shape my life. I am not… read more


Embracing God

By Dwight H. Judy, Judy, Dwight H. Published ISBN: 9780687010004

Teresa of Avila, the sixteenth-century Spanish mystic, teaches you how to explore the interior castle that is your spiritual home. Room by room while praying, Teresa helps you… read more


Faithful Change

By James W. Fowler Published ISBN: 9780687097203

The author identifies three different types of change and shows how faith must both sustain us in the midst of personal and social change and undergo the process of change itself. … read more


Finding Jesus in His Prayers - eBook [ePub]

By H. Stephen Shoemaker Published ISBN: 9781426733802

In this brief but substantive examination of the prayers Jesus prayed, Stephen Shoemaker offers helpful applications of Jesus’ prayers as both a way to better understand Jesus… read more