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The Unshuttered Heart

By Ann Belford Ulanov Published ISBN: 9780687494668

Aliveness and Deadness are processes that cannot be captured, only symbolized within the precincts of psychology and religion. Opening under the shadow of 9/11, our new century… read more


The Way of Jesus - eBook [ePub]

By Bruce Chilton Published ISBN: 9781426729577

The way of Jesus means that despite our tears and scars, we can become vessels of divine light. A young man loses his wife while their baby escapes without injury. In abject… read more


Three Simple Questions - eBook [ePub]

By Rueben P. Job Published ISBN: 9781426753534

Rueben P. Job, author of Three Simple Rules, brings us a new insight on how to live a Christ-like life and explores the three most basic and profound questions at the center of… read more


Three Simple Rules

By Rueben P. Job Published ISBN: 9780687649662

Learn the three simple rules to mutual respect, unity and a deeper daily relationship with God. In Three Simple Rules, Rueben Job offers an interpretation of John Wesley's… read more


Toward a Theology of Radical Involvement

By Luther D. Ivory Published ISBN: 9780687014538

The importance of Toward a Theology of Radical Involvement lies in its focus on the theological and ethical perspective of Martin Luther King, Jr. By examining the multiple… read more


Transformation Journal

By Carolyn Slaughter, Sue Nilson Kibbey Published ISBN: 9780687655021

Everyone is looking for a spiritual discipline that is both relevant to daily life and easy to stick with. Transformation Journal meets this need and more, offering users daily… read more


Undistorted God

By Ray Waddle Published ISBN: 9781426767166

Clear out the noise to find divine meaning everywhere, and in everyday experiences. Ray Waddle encourages us to find meaning inside, sometimes despite, the contentious times we… read more


Weary Throats and New Songs

By Teresa L. Fry Brown Published ISBN: 9780687030132

Examines the rich heritage of African American women who have proclaimed--and still proclaim--God's word. Against all odds, African American women have passionately… read more


What Do We Tell the Children?

By Joseph M. Primo Published ISBN: 9781426760495

With practical tools, up-to-date research, humor, and reflection, facilitate healing and create a safe space for childrens age-appropriate grieving. One out of seven children will … read more