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A Christian Justice for the Common Good

By Tex Sample Published ISBN: 9781501814266

Christians bring a unique, scriptural understanding of social justice to bear on the ills of society. Do Christians bring a unique, scriptural understanding of social justice to… read more


A Guide to Retreat for All God's Shepherds

By Rueben P. Job Published ISBN: 9780687302703

A Guide To Retreat is designed to assist you in a time of reflection, prayer, and renewal. The resources included are intended to help you turn more fully towards God, to drink… read more


A Pastor's Practical Guide to Funerals

By Lee Franklin Published ISBN: 9781426758195

Practical guide to help care and offer healing before, during, and after the funeral. This straight-forward book integrates the pragmatic how to of the funeral… read more


A Song of Ascents

By E. Stanley Jones, E. Stanley Jones Published ISBN: 9780687097920

In this Song of Ascents not one single note is here by right. I deserve nothing; I have everything. God is the heart of this everything. I have everything - everything I need… read more


A Theology of Christian Spirituality

By Samuel M. Powell Published ISBN: 9780687493333

While many would argue that spirituality is a necessary component of authentic human living, there is a lot of confusion over what spirituality is. According to Powell Christian… read more


A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader

By Rueben P. Job Published ISBN: 9780687057016

A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader provides resources for a 26-week devotional experience. The volume includes Scripture, spiritual readings (primarily quotes from the writings of John… read more


Attract Families to Your Church and Keep Them Coming Back

By Linda Ranson Jacobs Published ISBN: 9781426774300

Make your church more family friendly. Be the kind of church that families want to attend, where the church’s dynamic faith invites families who will then bring their friends… read more


Beyond the Collection Plate

Published ISBN: 9780687023158

This is a comprehensive guide to building healthy congregational attitudes and practices toward managing and spending financial resources. Much has been written about how… read more



By William H. Willimon Published ISBN: 9781426742293

As a churchleader, its easy to make the wrong move and find yourself in a bad position. As a church leader, its easy to make the wrong move and find yourself in a bad position… read more