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Being Black, Teaching Black - eBook [ePub]

By Nancy Lynne Westfield Published ISBN: 9781426731853

In this volume a group of eminent African American scholars of religious and theological studies examine the problems and prospects of black scholarship in the theological… read more


Black Church Studies

By Carol B. Duncan, Juan M. Floyd-Thomas, Nancy Lynne Westfield, Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Stephen G. Ray, Jr. Published ISBN: 9780687332656

Religious Studies Over the last thirty years African American voices and perspectives have become essential to the study of the various theological disciplines. Writing out of… read more


Black Religious Experience

By Charles R. Foster Published ISBN: 9780687044795

Black Religious Experience is an examination of the role Christian education has played in the African American community, as seen in the work of one of its greatest interpreters, … read more


Christian Education in the Small Membership Church

By Karen B. Tye Published ISBN: 9780687650996

Lead your church with imaginative and holistic Christian Education. Christian Education is part of the vital ministry of all churches, but especially of small membership churches… read more


Christian Spiritual Formation in the Church and Classroom

By Susanne Johnson Published ISBN: 9780687075904

In this thought-provoking new volume, Susanne Johnson counters what she sees as "wrong-thinking" in much contemporary Christian education by offering forceful ideas… read more


Contemporary Approaches to Christian Education

By Donald E. Miller, Donald E. Miller, Jack L. Seymour Published ISBN: 9780687094936

Seymour and Miller, with four other experts in the field, seek to clarify the agenda, resources, and hopes for Christian education in the twenty-first century. Gone are the days… read more


Educating Christians

By Jack L. Seymour, Joseph V. Crockett, Margaret Ann Crain Published ISBN: 9780687096275

In this introductory treatment of Christian education, the authors assume that "religious education begins with the basic human need to make meaning. The church and its… read more


Educating Congregations

By Charles R. Foster Published ISBN: 9780687002450

A leading Christian educator offers a practical guide for revisioning a church's educational program. After identifying the weaknesses in current education programs, Charles… read more


I Wonder

By Elizabeth Caldwell Published ISBN: 9781426799921

Help the Bible become your child’s life-long companion for faith and spiritual growth. How can anyone completely answer the difficult questions that children ask: Who created… read more