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101 Games That Keep Kids Coming

By Jolene L. Roehlkepartain Published ISBN: 9780687651207

Fun, Bible-based, get-to-know-you games and activities for children ages three to twelve. Teaching children how to make friends and creating a sense of community are two key… read more


101 Great Games for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

By Jolene L. Roehlkepartain Published ISBN: 9780687008148

Even as babies are beginning to crawl, toddlers are learning to speak, and preschoolers are starting to cooperate with playmates, they can begin to discover God’s Word and… read more


101 MORE Great Games for Kids

By Jolene L. Roehlkepartain Published ISBN: 9780687334070

This book includes 101 Bible-based games for children ages three to twelve. The book is ideal for lesson planning and children's ministry programming. It features upbeat… read more


32 Ways to Become a Great Sunday School Teacher

By Delia Halverson Published ISBN: 9780687017874

A self-directed teacher training resource offering four courses of study for both experienced teachers and beginners. For many churches teacher training is a once-a year event… read more


7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Children

By Barbara Bruce Published ISBN: 9780687020683

There are seven distinct ways of teaching and learning: verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, body/kinesthetic, musical/rhythmic, interpersonal, and… read more


Abingdon's Books of the Bible Games

Published ISBN: 9780687494804

Books of the Bible Games will help students learn the books of the Old and New Testaments through games played in the classroom. Contains reproducible Books of the Bible cards for … read more


Children's Activities for the Christian Year

By Delia Halverson Published ISBN: 9780687352333

Children’s Activities for the Christian Year by Delia Halverson offers Sunday school teachers and leaders of children’s ministries practical information and activities on the… read more


Children's Ministry

By Adam Hamilton, Judy N. Comstock Published ISBN: 9780687334131

The Abingdon-Church of the Resurrection Ministry Guides are the first choice for recruiting, motivating, and developing lay leadership for specialized ministries from A to… read more


Experiencing the Bible with Children

By Dorothy Jean Furnish Published ISBN: 9780687124251

Shows how to spiff up your storytelling skills, plus plenty of ideas for dance, movement, and drama techniques. This revised volume combines two classic resources by author… read more