Christian Education

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Teaching Today's Teachers to Teach

Published ISBN: 9780687049547

A revision of a standard resource for classes and seminary courses in Christian education. A revised edition of the best-selling Teaching Teachers to Teach (1974), this book is a … read more


The Church As Learning Community

By Norma Cook Everist Published ISBN: 9780687045006

Click here to read a free chapter Norma Cook Everist contends that it is meaningful to say that in ministries of administration, outreach, and pastoral care, the church is… read more


The Holy Spirit

By Stanley Hauerwas, William H. Willimon Published ISBN: 9781426778636

“Come, Holy Spirit!” is the first and last prayer of the church, our only hope in life and death. Do you realize what baptism really means? Through the Holy Spirit we become… read more


The Nuts & Bolts of Christian Education

By Delia Halverson Published ISBN: 9780687071166

"Can you give me the book that will tell me how to DO Christian education?" The Nuts & Bolts of Christian Education is designed to answer the most frequently asked… read more


The Teaching Church

By Eugene C. Roehlkepartain Published ISBN: 9780687410835

Eugene Roehlkepartain explores the problems and possibilities uncovered by the Effective Christian Education study conducted by Search Institute. This volume contains worksheets… read more


Theological Approaches to Christian Education

By Jack L. Seymour Published ISBN: 9780687413553

This sequel to Seymour and Miller's popular Contemporary Approaches to Christian Education offers new information and ideas regarding the major theological issues within… read more



By Jason Byassee Published ISBN: 9781630887865

Who is this God we worship? Most people assume they know what they mean when they use the word God. They mean a powerful old guy in the sky ready to obliterate us if we do wrong… read more