Christian Education

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Holy Communion

By Kenneth M. Loyer Published ISBN: 9781426796333

Experience God in the here and now through Communion. Experience God in the here and now through Communion. This book explores how celebrating the presence of God With Us through… read more


How to Train Volunteer Teachers

By Delia Halverson Published ISBN: 9780687179756

Explores the purposes of teaching in the church, and offers specific advice on how to recruit, train, and support volunteer teachers. 20 workshops to enhance and empower… read more


I Wonder

By Elizabeth Caldwell Published ISBN: 9781426799921

Help the Bible become your child’s life-long companion for faith and spiritual growth. How can anyone completely answer the difficult questions that children ask: Who created… read more



By William H. Willimon Published ISBN: 9781426757549

Heaven and earth interlock in the person of Jesus, a Jew from Nazareth. Jesus defies simplistic, effortless, undemanding explications. To be sure, Jesus often communicated his… read more


Leading Adult Learners

By Delia Halverson Published ISBN: 9780687002238

A handbook for adult Sunday school classes, this book includes reproducible handouts as well as guidelines and training helps. Leading Adult Learners offers practical help in… read more


Mapping Christian Education

By Jack L. Seymour Published ISBN: 9780687008124

In Mapping Christian Education: Approaches to Congregational Learning, Jack L. Seymour provides the most up-to-date insights about the various aspects of Christian education… read more


Money Matters Participant's Guide

By Kim Miller, Mike Slaughter Published ISBN: 9780687495351

Freedom for Christians Imagine feeling free from financial worry, free from debt, and free from the never-ending pressures of juggling all those financial demands… read more


Principios de educación cristiana AETH

By Pablo A. Jiménez Published ISBN: 9780687037162

En este libro… read more


Raising Children To Love Their Neighbors - eBook [ePub]

By Carolyn C. Brown Published ISBN: 9781426738593

Read the Introduction Does your congregation want to raise more mission-minded children? Here are practical plans with reproducible activities and outlines for classroom and… read more