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44 Questions for Church Planters

By Lyle E. Schaller Published ISBN: 9780687132843

Answers the question "Why start new churches?" and shows how to reverse the decline of new church development. Schaller offers tested advice based on more than thirty… read more


44 Questions for Congregational Self-Appraisal

By Lyle E. Schaller Published ISBN: 9780687088409

Churches don't sit still; they are either planning for the future or wishing for the past. Yet, even when setting about to discern the future into which the Spirit is leading, … read more


44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance

By Lyle E. Schaller Published ISBN: 9780687132874

Are you still suffering over the sight of empty pews? Have your efforts been more than exhaustive in expanding your congregation? Have you maximized your brainstorming potential… read more


A New Day in the City

By Donna Claycomb Sokol, L. Roger Owens Published ISBN: 9781501818882

Renewal of the city church means discovering how the Spirit wants to renew this particular congregation. Many urban congregations remember days of fame and fortunedays when their… read more


African American Church Growth

By Carlyle Fielding Stewart Published ISBN: 9780687165414

Filling a need not previously addressed, African American Church Growth contends that it is the prophetic consciousness which appeals to many blacks of the post-civil rights era… read more


Can These Bones Live?

By Kevass J. Harding Published ISBN: 9780687335572

Using the powerful imagery from Ezekiel 37, the valley of the dry bones, Kevass Harding tells how God used a faithful few to breathe new life into a dying church and transform a… read more


Flood Gates

By Sue Nilson Kibbey Published ISBN: 9781501804021

Open the floodgates to mission-worthy change in your congregation, creating a spiritual force that moves through your entire community. Sue Nilson Kibbey follows up the Abingdon… read more


Get Their Name

By Bob Farr, Doug Anderson, Kay Kotan Published ISBN: 9781426759314

Are you 'evangelizing' in the wrong direction? As a church leader, you are (probably) targeting the wrong people with your evangelism efforts. You are operating a model… read more


Get Their Name Workbook

By Kay Kotan, Ken Willard Published ISBN: 9781426782060

Power-boost your teams capacity to share faith without anxiety! Most churches and Christians target the wrong people with "evangelism" efforts. The model we use no… read more