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Confronting the Controversies - eBook [ePub]

By Adam Hamilton Published ISBN: 9781426722295

Christians are faced every day with daunting choices between difficult alternatives. What does my Christian faith have to say about the moral issues that divide our society? There … read more


Foundations for Purposeful Church Administration

By Alvin J. Lindgren Published ISBN: 9780687133390

Highly acclaimed and widely used, this text shows what church tasks must be undertaken, why they are important, and the guiding theological principles required to achieve them… read more


Marketing Your Church to the Community

By Peter Metz Published ISBN: 9780687335084

Abingdon Press & The Church of the Resurrection Ministry Guides are the #1 choice for recruiting, motivating, and developing lay leadership for specialized ministries from A… read more


More Letters for Every Occasion - eBook [ePub]

By James E. Taylor, III Published ISBN: 9781426731228

Sending a personal note, email, or letter means that you took time to care. It can be a grace-filled symbol of your ministry outreach and an effective way to offer pastoral… read more


Professional Ethics

By Karen Lebacqz Published ISBN: 9780687343256

Karen Lebacqz here offers a logical yet eminently human framework for ethical decision making. Quoting and clarifying the thoughts of the field's top authorities, Dr. Lebacqz … read more


The End of Preaching

By Thomas H. Troeger Published ISBN: 9781501868092

An extraordinary book on preaching from one of America's most revered and beloved homileticians. The End of Preaching is equal parts instruction and inspiration, offering… read more


The Ministry of Administrative Assistants

By Thompson, Sue Published ISBN: 9780687647095

This ministry guide has been written to provide information about how to provide support ministry to the people with whom you work. This guide is also for people who work in many… read more


The Wired Church 2.0 - eBook [ePub]

By Jason Moore, Len Wilson Published ISBN: 9781426725043

Wired Church 2.0 is the go-to guide for church staff and volunteers coordinating multimedia digital technology for worship, the classroom, and marketing. Covering everything from… read more


Web-Empowered Ministry

By Mark Stephenson Published ISBN: 9781426713224

Let Web-Empowered Ministry be your comprehensive guide along your unique journey toward building a powerful internet ministry. You will learn the practical steps, techniques, and… read more