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Earn All You Can

By Donald R. House Published ISBN: 9781501808401

A fresh take on the positive role of economic growth from a Christian perspective. Is the gap between rich and poor really the fault of the financially successful? Much of the… read more


Holy Imagination

By Judy Fentress-Williams Published ISBN: 9781426775314

Study the whole Bible through both literary and theological lenses. Most literary works have one primary voice, a discourse that expresses an authors dominant culture and… read more


How Israel Became a People

By Ralph K. Hawkins Published ISBN: 9781426754876

An illustrated introduction to the history and archaeology of early Israel. How did Israel become a people? Is the biblical story accurate? In what sense, if any, is the biblical… read more


The Ancient Near East

By John L. McLaughlin Published ISBN: 9781426753275

An indispensable introduction that clearly addresses the important and complex questions about Israel and the Old Testament's relationship to the ancient Near East. The… read more


The Dead Sea Scrolls

By Peter W. Flint Published ISBN: 9781630884215

Contains new information about unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls recently brought to light with translations of key passages and recent discovery of the movement behind the Scrolls in… read more