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Biblical Interpretation

By Frederick C. Tiffany, Sharon H. Ringe Published ISBN: 9780687016082

Biblical Interpretation: A Roadmap is a guide to discovering and asking the key questions - about biblical texts, about readers of the Bible, and about the interaction of the two… read more


Biblical Theology

By Leo Perdue Published ISBN: 9780687341009

Revives biblical theology as a discipline that describes the faith of the biblical periods and articulates normative understandings of modern faith and practice One of the… read more


C. S. Lewis On Scripture

By Michael J. Christensen Published ISBN: 9780687045594

C. S. Lewis' thoughts on the nature of Biblical inspiration, the role of revelation and the question of… read more


Holy Imagination

By Judy Fentress-Williams Published ISBN: 9781426775314

Study the whole Bible through both literary and theological lenses. Most literary works have one primary voice, a discourse that expresses an authors dominant culture and… read more


Introducing the Bible 25th Anniversary Edition

By William Barclay Published ISBN: 9780687365906

William Barclay testifies to the Bible's unique value as an inspired book and gives clear advice on the best way to read it. He tells how the biblical writings came into being … read more


Introduction to the Hebrew Prophets

By James D. Nogalski Published ISBN: 9781426742286

Nogalski‚Äôs introduction to the prophets invites modern readers to hear these scrolls through the processes that shaped them. Following the Hebrew canon, the author offers a … read more


Jesus Darkly

By Rafael Rodriguez Published ISBN: 9781501839115

The witness of scripture helps us remember Jesus well. New Testament students have not always been well served by study of the historical Jesus, which tends to segregate Jesus … read more


Listening In

By Stephen Breck Reid Published ISBN: 9780687011940

Stephen Breck Reid maintains that every reader of the biblical text views it through the lens of other contexts. That is to say, communal narratives, cultural myths and stories… read more


Rabbinic Literature

By Jacob Neusner Published ISBN: 9780687351930

Rabbinic literature is a complex and interwoven body of texts whose importance is extensive: it is, of course, central to studying Judaism; its texts are valuable for broad… read more