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70 Hebrew Words Every Christian Should Know

By Matthew Richard Schlimm Published ISBN: 9781426799969

How basic Hebrew can save Christianity from becoming a boring and meaningless religion. The basic message of the Bible can be understood in any language. At the same time, many… read more


A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (Revised Edition)

By C. L. Seow Published ISBN: 9781426789076

This is a comprehensive revision of our popular Hebrew grammar textbook. Key Features: *Revision of a proven textbook *Uses biblical text from the outset *Greater emphasis on… read more


A Grammar for New Testament Greek

By A.K.M. Adam Published ISBN: 9780687016778

A Grammar for New Testament Greek will serve as a concise, authoritative introduction to the study of the language in which the New Testament was written. Written with a variety… read more


Bible Sisters

By Gennifer Benjamin Brooks Published ISBN: 9781501834318

365 days of Bible devotions on the named and unnamed women of the Bible. These Bible passages, reflections, and prayers will lead women through the Bible, from Eve to the women at… read more


CEB Concise Concordance

By Common English Bible Published ISBN: 9781609260644

The Common English Bible Concise Concordance is a portable tool for finding words, phrases, and verses in the Common English Bible translation. A fine companion to the CEB Bible… read more


Common English Bible: Bible Map Guide

By Common English Bible Published ISBN: 9781609260743

The CEB Bible Map Guide opens up the Scripture by placing the events of the Bible in time and space with 21 full-color maps by National Geographic. The CEB Bible Map Guide shows… read more


Essential Bible Study Tools for Ministry

By David R. Bauer Published ISBN: 9781426755170

Comprehensive bibliography essential for any church or library. This up-to-date, highly selective bibliography is designed to acquaint students and ministers with major works… read more


Handbook to A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew

By G. Brooke Lester, Jennifer S. Green, Joseph F. Scrivner Published ISBN: 9780687008346

This handbook is a companion to the widely used and standard text, A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (revised edition), by C. L. Seow. It has been thoroughly and successfully… read more


Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

Published ISBN: 9781426706943

Opens up the first-century biblical world of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus See Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. These artistic restorations and photographs will transport you back… read more