Biblical Criticism & Interpretation

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Barnabas vs. Paul

By C. K. Robertson Published ISBN: 9781630882778

An encourager most dont remember and an apostle many dont like Who were Barnabas and Paul? Was Paul an angry loner, misogynist, legalist, and curmudgeon, or hero and martyr?… read more


Telling the Old Testament Story

By Brad E. Kelle Published ISBN: 9781426793042

The Old Testament is the story of God’s mission to restore creation and form God’s people as an instrument to participate in that mission. While honoring the historical context … read more


The Formation of the New Testament Canon

By James O. Duke Published ISBN: 9781426765018

Canon formation is an on-going task of the Church. The book gives an historical-theological overview of the formation of the New Testmanet canon, a development extending from the… read more


The Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles

By F. Scott Spencer Published ISBN: 9780687008506

Introduces literary, historical, and theological issues of Luke and Acts. Biblical texts create worlds of meaning, and invite readers to enter them. When readers enter such… read more


The New Interpreter's® Bible New Testament Survey

Published ISBN: 9780687054343

The Gospels and Narrative Literature - Robert C. Tannehill Jesus and the Gospels - Christopher M. Tuckett The Gospel of Matthew - M. Eugene Boring The Gospel of Mark -… read more


The New Interpreter's® Bible Old Testament Survey

Published ISBN: 9780687053445

Repurposed content from the 12 volume NIB, to serve as introductory academic textbooks Introduction to the Pentateuch Joseph Blenkinsopp Book of Genesis - Terence E. Fretheim… read more


The Old Testament

By Richard D. Nelson Published ISBN: 9781426759239

A clear and eloquent introductory study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Engaging and accessible to students from all backgrounds, this book is a comprehensive introduction to… read more


The Pentateuch

By Marvin A. Sweeney Published ISBN: 9781426765032

How the Pentateuch employs narrative and law to provide the foundations for an ideal national and religious identity. The Pentateuch, in the Core Biblical Studies series… read more


The Prophetic Literature

By Carolyn J. Sharp Published ISBN: 9781426765049

Just as we interpret the Prophetic books for our time, so did the ancients. This unique introduction to the Prophetic books provides a comprehensive examination of one of the most… read more