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Holy Imagination

By Judy Fentress-Williams Published ISBN: 9781426775314

Study the whole Bible through both literary and theological lenses. Most literary works have one primary voice, a discourse that expresses an authors dominant culture and… read more


The Prophetic Literature

By Carolyn J. Sharp Published ISBN: 9781426765049

Just as we interpret the prophetic books for our time, so did the ancients. This unique introduction to the Prophetic books provides a comprehensive examination of one of the most… read more


Words That Heal

By Joni S. Sancken Published ISBN: 9781501849688

Preaching can encourage connections to foster healing for wounded souls. Soul wounds are pervasive in our world, with a range of origins and characteristics. The field of trauma… read more


Practicing the Preaching Life

By David B. Ward Published ISBN: 9781501854941

A holistic view of preaching that paints the way to good preaching and good living. Preaching is a way of life that can be beautiful and good; however, it can also be anxious… read more


Roots and Routes

By Randy G. Litchfield Published ISBN: 9781501868153

Why do so many pastors and leaders in seminary and local church ministry feel confused, dissatisfied, or, strangely enough, like they’ve missed their calling? Randy Litchfields… read more


The Old Testament

By Richard D. Nelson Published ISBN: 9781426759239

A clear and eloquent introductory study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Engaging and accessible to students from all backgrounds, this book is a comprehensive introduction to… read more


Protestant Worship

By O. Wesley Allen, Jr. Published ISBN: 9781501842658

In worship, as in physics, actions and responses are interconnected, and immensely powerful! Students and leaders of worship strive to plan and lead worship well, in all sorts of… read more



By Lisa L.Thompson Published ISBN: 9781501832598

Every preacher is, at some point or in some place, an outsider — or feels like one. Ingenuity introduces a theology and practice of preaching within the simultaneous existence of … read more


The Formation of the New Testament Canon

By James O. Duke Published ISBN: 9781426765018

Canon formation is an on-going task of the Church. The book gives an historical-theological overview of the formation of the New Testmanet canon, a development extending from the… read more