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Triune Love

By K. Steve McCormick Published ISBN: 9781426753190

John Wesley’s robust view of the Church and Christian life is rooted in a Trinitarian theology of love, wonder, and praise. God is with us and in us for the redemption of the… read more


Holding Faith

By Cynthia L. Rigby Published ISBN: 9781630885847

Theology matters to our lives, and it matters to the life of the world. Luther once wrote: Faith takes hold of Christ and has Him present, enclosing Him as the ring encloses the… read more


Introduction to the Hebrew Prophets

By James D. Nogalski Published ISBN: 9781426742286

Nogalski’s introduction to the prophets invites modern readers to hear these scrolls through the processes that shaped them. Following the Hebrew canon, the author offers a … read more


Moral Injury

By Larry Kent Graham Published ISBN: 9781501800757

If we can share our burdens, we can bear them. If we can bear them, we can change the circumstances that brought them about. In a world where anything goes, people have a hard time … read more


Offering Christ

Published ISBN: 9781501814228

How do Methodists share good news in such a way that people receive it and respond to it? After decades of conversation serving up a mosaic of understandings of Wesleyan evangelism … read more


Luther vs. Pope Leo

By Paul R. Hinlicky Published ISBN: 9781501804205

The seeds for a new Reformation in an afterlife conversation. Martin Luther and Pope Leo X awake in the afterlife. It is 2017, and they have been asleep since the posting of the… read more


A New Day in the City

By Donna Claycomb Sokol, L. Roger Owens Published ISBN: 9781501818882

Renewal of the city church means discovering how the Spirit wants to renew this particular congregation. Many urban congregations remember days of fame and fortunedays when their… read more


Reset the Heart

By Mai-Anh Le Tran Published ISBN: 9781501832468

Educating for faith and justice in a violent world requires an imaginative unlearning and unmaking of the values of violence. When the #BlackLivesMatter protest movement burst into … read more


Lovin' on Jesus

By Lester Ruth, Swee Hong Lim Published ISBN: 9781426795138

The surprising, fascinating, and influential story—still unfolding—which helps us understand our own worship. Swee Hong Lim and Lester Ruth have filled an important gap in the… read more